An event with integrity

Hello. My name is Clare Bryden and I am the new Storyteller for TEDxExeter. This is by some margin the coolest and most poetic job title I’ve ever had. I hope to do it justice.

Well, three months to go and we’re already sold out, so the focus needs to shift from marketing to putting on a great event. Last Thursday we had one of our regular planning meetings. Jeanie and Claire have done a formidable job as co-ordinators, and it was good to see the energy and commitment throughout the room, from Jackie volunteering to organise the registration, to Tobit updating us on the preparation for filming the talks and the buzz, to Caroline coolly announcing success with finding a company to run the bookstall.

The most impressive is the desire to run an event with integrity, holding to the subject of “Sustainability and our Interconnected World”. So we are banking with the Co-operative, and the food and drink will be vegetarian and sustainably sourced (we have asked for no bottled water). We discussed goodybags: one of our talks will be about what is enough, and we thought they would be just more ‘stuff’ – unnecessary and unsustainable.

Similarly, how do we distinguish members of the team, the speakers and performers from the delegates, and the delegates from the general public who may also be in the Northcott during the day? T-shirts for the team and and lanyards for all, again rejected as too much stuff, in favour of re-usable lanyards for the team (we want TEDxExeter to be a regular event, after all!) and simple stickers for delegates.

What of interconnectedness? Well, it is time for a refresh of the website content, so keep coming back. And Clive and Sara have been doing good work on the social networking front. Catch TEDxExeter on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, for more about our speakers, and snippets on sustainability and actions you can take.