Bandi Mbubi biography

Bandi Mbubi BWBandi Mbubi was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire. He spent the first 21 years of his life there, experiencing first hand the political unrest and oppression which have since worsened throughout the region. As a student activist, Bandi suffered persecution and fled, seeking political asylum in the UK.

During the next 21 years, in the UK, Bandi’s commitment to social justice has continued to inspire his work. He is the Director of the Manna Society, the largest day centre for homeless people in South London. The Manna offers hot meals, medical care, shower facilities, clothing and advice about housing and welfare. The recently launched Education and Training programme aims to counter social exclusion by improving clients’ basic literacy and ICT skills. He is also a Trustee of Church Action on Poverty.

Bandi lives in Essex with his family and hopes one day to be able to take his children to visit their grandparents in a peaceful DRC. He is working to bring the world’s attention to the atrocities being committed in the Congo and for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing war.