Rebecca Mayes biography

Rebecca Mayes BWRebecca Mayes is a Devon based singer/songwriter who rose to notoriety following her series of ‘song-reviews’ written for the gaming review website The Escapist. Each song is accompanied by a quirky video where Rebecca juxtaposes nu-folk music with subversive commentary on the latest blockbuster video-games. The result is the most charming and creative take on the art of review out there. With a song featured on Charlie Brooker’s BBC program Gameswipe and her albums reviewed in The Guardian and The Independent, Rebecca has gained a large following.

She is interested in music that communicates meaning and recently composed the soundtrack for the forthcoming film-documentary In Transition 2.0 for the Transition Network. She’ll be releasing a single from the film later in the year. Rebecca is now touring new material across Europe as one of twenty artists chosen by music network IC Music.