Andy Robertson talk

Andy Robertson talk

Andy Robertson BWAs well as writing about video games, ‘Geek Dad Gamer’ gets local artists and singer-songwriters to respond in unusual ways to games. He showed a video of Rebecca Mayes singing about Halo 4. Rebecca was going to sing live to us, but unfortunately has a bug today.

Video games are not just entertainment, excitement, adrenalin and a bit of violence thrown in. They also want to engage our hearts. We invest millions on technology and delivering game experiences, and in them can be found cutting-edge ways of being human. To be a games player is to be a creator. Games provide a way in to participating in the stories and owning them, while films keep us in touch with naivety and false hope.

Talk about games has become just marks out of 10 for graphics, sound and game experience, a boring and unsustainable approach. It’s time to talk in a different, more sustainable and human way about games.

We spend a lot of time keeping the wrong games out of the hands of the wrong people, rather than getting the right games into the hands of the right people.

Play a game in a family or community, and all sorts of surprising responses pop up. It opens a door to talking about dealing with violence, and choosing non-violence. The presence of dark games, like some of the difficult stories in the Bible, helps us engage with difficult subjects of darkness, violence and loss. We need to develop a priesthood of gamers.

PS. Andy has provided some links for people who want to find out more…

Firstly the community site he runs who produce the unusual reviews he was talking about:

Secondly the live theatre performance of our reviews he included in the talk: