Jackie Juno performance

Jackie Juno performance

Jackie Juno BW… is a locally-sourced, free-range, organic poet, so can be enjoyed guilt-free. She will start with nursery rhymes, and build to a crescendo of beautifully crafted brilliance.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill, because everywhere else was flooded.”

Shout out for the organisers – Jeanie, Claire and the rest of the team. Thanks!

“Teignmouth muse, incorporating personal, societal and environmental health” rhymes ‘arses’ with ‘catharsis’, name-checks Nietzsche and mentions the gap between rich and poor, and two seagulls sitting on the roof of a van.

“The 99%” is a new poem written for today, like the “Pirates” poem she wrote in the morning and performed over lunch. Aaaarrrrr! We’re all standing up for the world. “Here is a holy place to be … and the time is exactly now”, which is enough.

Cheers for her, as for Polly earlier.