TED Talk – William Kamkwamba

This afternoon starts with another TED Talk – William Kamkwamba on how he harnessed the wind.

William was a simple farmer in Malawi, a country of small farmers. In 2001, they had a serious famine. HIs family had only one meal a day, and he had to drop out of school. INstead, he went to the library and read physics books, reading the pictures to learn to read the text. He read about how windmills can be used in irrigation, to help hunger. He went to a scrapyard to get the materials adn built a machine. It started with one light, then four lights. Another machine pumps water for irrigation. Queues formed at his house to charge their mobile phones! One thing led to another, and he was invited to TEDxArusha. To all the poor struggling with their dreams, “trust yourself and believe. Whatever happens, don’t give up.”

I like the way the TED Talk videos have also had rounds of applause.