Reflections on the day

I’m collating links to blog posts and photo collections here, so if you can u buy valtrex at walmart have written anything, please email or tweet the link. And please revisit occasionally to see if there are any additions.

From the blogosphere

Tobit Emmens has blogged on his role as production manager, and is especially interesting on observing the stresses and strains of performing, and the intensity of looking after the speakers.

Stephen Bateman, in his GreenWise blog post, particularly liked Polly Higgins’s talk, which he described as “truly earth shattering”, hopefully not literally!

Cathy Debenham, blogging on her Yougen site, found it “wonderful to spend last Friday being inspired by 20 amazing people who spend their time looking at how we can make the world a better place to live, rather than analysing the problems to death.”

Andy “GeekDad” Robertson said in his blog for Wired that: “Ideas rather than brands and personalities were the winners and that, I discovered, is both a rare and emotionally engaging experience.”

… and the Globe and Mail has blogged about Andy’s talk from the other side of the Atlantic.

Sue Read “spent the last two days wondering how I can condense a whole day of ideas and what I want to say into a blog post”, but managed to on her blog artbythesea.

Ben Emmens had “expected first class ‘brain fodder’ but hadn’t anticipated the spiritual dimension to the day”, so ben thinks… “Here’s to TEDxExeter 2013, and in the meantime, let’s not rest in our efforts to create a more sustainable world.”

Clare Bryden (that’s me, the storyteller!) has written a few posts based around TEDxExeter talks:
Science and heart, referring generally to TEDxExeter
Carbon irony, in response to Antony Turner’s talk
Totnes, twinned with Narnia
, questioning the assumptions lying behind Rob Hopkins’ use of this image
Games people play
, trying to get my head around Andy Robertson’s talk

Now how about this for an idea? Joey Lee from the Hub on the Green writes of a couple who watch one TED video in bed every morning.

During one of the breaks, Rashid Maxell shared a story on generosity.

Pictures worth a thousand words

Tobit’s time-lapse video gives a great sense of what was involved in the production set-up.

Behind-the-scenes photography from Benjamin “bart1eby” Borley.
… photos of the speaker rehearsals
faces of TEDxExeter, featuring the lovely Tom, Marieke, Sara, Varun, Alex, Jackie, Gabby, Tobit, Jhenna, Oriana, Claire, Greta, Jeanie and Tom from the team… but not me!
… and front-of-stage photos throughout the day