Martha Wilkinson talk

Martha Wilkinson talk

Martha Wilkinson BWMartha (another dragon tamer?!) is giving us the etymology of “community philanthropy”:
Community – from munos “a gift” and cum “with, among one another”
Philanthropy – “the love of humanity” in Greek

She has a slide of Brueghel’s painting of “The Fall of Icarus”. It’s not about Icarus, but about apathy. While Icarus drowns in the sea, the farmer continues to plough, the shepherd dreams, the ship sails on by. What seems to be an image of idyllic existence is actually a picture of passing suffering by.

Suffering is difficult to see; we have to choose to look for it. But everywhere there are community philanthropists, also known as volunteers, who are acting, and building compassionate communities.

Martha’s questions for us to ponder: “What suffering are you walking past? And what are the gifts you would like to give?”

A gem of a short talk. Coffee time!

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