#TEDxExeter community

Thanks everyone for tweeting before, during and after the event. Last year, I collated some Tweflections on the day. There’s even more this year, and counting.

A gallimaufrey of responses

@rupsds : Dragons, poetry potatoes, courageous people @JoBerry9 & powerful pirates @kesterbrewin what a thought provoking day #TEDxExeter

@Exeterlearning : My thoughts from @TEDxExeter are that we need to use this format in how we engage and stimulate learning of our children.

@suereadart : @HolisticBude @WidemouthTaskFo Environmental awareness. #EarthDay 2013 . Advice from #TedxExeter See ourselves as #stewards NOT consumers

@saratraynor : Brain and heart are bursting from #TEDxExeter , thanks to all the speakers, musicians, poets, dancers. Need sea air & waves to digest.

@kasiaturajczyk : Thank you for a wonderful day at #TEDxExeter, yesterday! Amazing speakers with brilliant #ideas, #solutions and #visions. A big #smile 4 all

@MacJoney : Thoughts I took away from #TEDxExeter yesterday – we’re not completely doomed, put http://healthlibr.com down iPad put on iPatch and love the whole potato 🙂

@ben_emmens : Superb speaker & performer line up today at #TEDxExeter – great work by an inspiring team. Conversation continues at http://tedxexeter.com

@cllrdawson : Elected representatives taking some flak at #tedxexeter 😛 Most of us do want to support, enable and connect ideas! Let’s talk 🙂

@finchunit : #TedxExeter was rather good.

Praise indeed!

Homing in…

@SteveALee : Inspirational talk by Carrie Clarke, http://ow.ly/k23LC , at #TEDxExeter on supporting those with #Dementia. @AliveActivites next year?

@ben_emmens : From outrage to activism: thanks @rebeccamaze for singing out about the horror of rape at #TEDxExeter today; your words need to be heard.

@eddowding : “Possibly the best line award” from #TEDxExeter goes to @kesterbrewin: “Put down your iPads and put on your eyepatches!” (though all superb)

@SaksExeter : Alberto Arribas – incredible talk on climate change and prediction – will be watching this talk again online #TEDxExeter

@CiaraEastell : Astonishingly moving / A very personal story of how @JoBerry9 lost her father to an IRA bomb at the Grand Hotel in Brighton #TEDxExeter

@suereadart : Stewart Wallis talk http://j.mp/ZgQitl  This is a #mustread from TED Exeter yesterday. We can all make small actions to facilitate change

@hdrever : Great to hear all about #RAMM transformation at #TEDxExeter. RAMM is one of my #HappyPlaces 🙂

@MichSoh : @MattHarvey4 is hilarious! New appreciation for poetry, need to hunt down his work. #shutupandtakemymoney #TEDxExeter

@tobite : Patrick Holden at #TEDxExeter with a call to “true cost accounting” hear hear. And not just for food, but for everything.

Our speakers and performers liked it too!

@Monamission : @TEDxExeter thanks so much for everyone’s great company and inspiration yesterday and for playing @devoncf philanthropoly results out soon!

@JoBerry9 : @TEDxExeter thanks for all your amazing tweets yesterday and in the months before,much appreciated, Yesterday was awesome and very inspiring

@kesterbrewin : Brilliant bringing some #Mutiny to @TEDxExeter, but more brilliant hearing of the great mutinies going on already – great videos coming! #fb

@kesterbrewin : Main takeaway from #TEDxExeter: don’t wait for powers that be to sort things. Real power to change is in hands of real people. #GetOnWithIt

@KirstySchneeb : @TEDxExeter thank you for such an inspirational and thought-provoking day. V looking forward to next year!

@Tr14ersOfficial : @TEDxExeter wowwwwww amazing experience and oppertunity standing ovation a overwhelming buzz #adrenaline #whatsnext

@EmilyJeanDingle : I have met so many incredible, inspirational people at @tedxexeter these past two days. It was an honour to perform for them!

@DanzaShanna : @TEDxExeter thank you soo much for an amazing oppertunity !! Wat a brilliant day it was !! X

@mattharvey4 : @Exeterlearning @emilyjeandingle @tedxexeter, thanks 🙂 I LOVED the dancers, spontaneous standing ovation says I wasn’t the only one!

So did last year’s!

@CarbonVisuals : A great day at #TedxExeter. Fantastic speakers, singers, poets & dance. A five star feast of inspiration, hope & laughter.

@BandiMbubi : @TEDxExeter BIG THANK buy prednisone for dogs australia 4 inviting me back & 4 opportunity to spread message 4 #conflictfree #Congo @CongoCalling

The team seem to want to do it again next year

@Clive_Chilvers : Another brilliant, inspiring & thought provoking #TEDxExeter yesterday. Such a privilege to be part of the amazing team! #tedxeterfamily

@ClareBryden : Wonderful wonderful day at #TEDxExeter yesterday. Inspiration, laughter, tears, connection, teamwork. What brings me joy? Answered! #to2014

@FionnConnolly : @TEDxExeter was amazing today… had a lot of fun performing and listening. I’m already looking forward to next year 😀 #TEDxExeter

@hdrever : What a wonderful day want to do it all again! #TEDxExeter

And finally, blowing my own trumpet…

@Exeterlearning : @ClareBryden have now caugh up on your live blogging, how do you do that? Amazing http://tedxexeter.com/category/2013+liveblog/

Thanks Jackie 🙂

One unlooked-for outcome for me was being followed for a few days by the film Ted. Thankfully it’s gone away now.