Laying down the questions

Kath Hadden was on the Colourburn stall at TEDxExeter creating a LIVE painting of Dartmoor. She told us:

I am inspired to paint by two things; my love of colour and the landscape around me in the south west of England. Having spent many wonderful family holidays (growing up and now with my own children) in the South West, the landscape for me is intrinsically linked with these fond memories, which are still being created as family life continues to grow and change.

Life brings many ups and downs and subsequently questions and doubts about all sorts of things. For me being outside, looking at creation, turning my phone off, listening undistracted to my children, husband, friends, looking into their faces, holding onto that moment in time and treasuring it  can stop me in my tracks, ground me, and helps me live with those questions, which may never be answered, because in that moment I am just thankful for the present. So I guess what I am trying to say in painting these special places I am holding onto those moments for a little bit longer. I am not forgetting the questions, I am laying them down.

Delegates could submit their names for the chance of winning the painting, and the winner was Clare Br…….. (so nearly me!) …….eckin.

Here’s a photo of the painting with Clare Breckin and Damo Cross from Colourburn.

And Clare’s response on Twitter? “Oooh thats’s me :-)I look a bit shell shocked!” Congratulations!!