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Again, last year I collated links to blog posts and photos. So in the spirit of precedence, here we are again. Please let us know of any more out there.

Questions questions

The People’s Republic of South Devon wrote a nice post to recommend watching the videos; ‘TEDxExeter rounds up some of the best minds and the brightest ideas around’.

The talks really opened the minds of a group from Exeter School to new ideas, and they enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the speakers afterwards in an informal setting.

Sophie “shamelessly stole” Living the Questions as the theme of her new blog. After all, TEDxExeter was what prompted her to get on with starting it.

Kasia was enabled to ‏connect with her inner Pirate Piglet, and was sent back to Rilke in his original language.

Jim took up the challenge of asking strangers a question, and blogged on the responses to his question about whether they were worried about declining sea ice.

I wanted to  affirm the importance of asking questions to religion and religion to asking questions such as: What is true freedom? How can we be ‘bound together again’? How best can we be ‘careful’ of the other?

Martin was inspired by ‘Not all those who wander are lost’, the quote on the TR14ers T-shirts, to think about the importance of exploring faith, and embracing doubt and uncertainty.

Not everyone was inspired. Sadly, John didn’t like the TEDx format … although he did have the opportunity of interacting with the speakers at Speaker Corner, or discussing the questions with his fellow delegates. [Also, please note, TEDxExeter is not a University of Exeter event, although the Exeter Northcott Theatre is located on the campus and the University is one of the sponsors.]

TEDxExeter 2012 keeps on giving

Andy explains why he has brought the social game Perspectivity to Exeter in 2013.

And one year on from TEDxExeter 2012, Sally shares a really heartening outcome from the day. She also came in 2013, so I hope she was equally as inspired.