Ben Eaton biography

Ben EatonBen Eaton is a digital and interactive artist. He works exclusively as part of Invisible Flock.

Invisible Flock is a group of artists based in Leeds who make large-scale works that tread a line between documentary and fiction, incorporating public art, digital and interactive work as well as performance. Their work is primarily about reframing the world around us and encouraging audiences to behave differently within it.

The collaborators in Invisible Flock are Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton. They have worked all over the country and abroad. They are in Exeter running their flagship project Bring the Happy, their large scale attempt at mapping the happiness of the world.

Ben is particularly interested in new and mobile technology as an enabler of change in society as well as technology and games as artistic practice. He is becoming increasingly focused, both in his practice and politically, on issues of internet freedom.