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Again, in 2012 and 2013, I collated links to blog posts and photos. So as I’ve created a rod to beat my own back, here we are again. Please let us know of any more out there, and watch this space…

At the frontier

will789gb questioned Simon Peyton Jones’ emphasis on computer science rather than technology.

verbal onslaughts was at the event with her two flatmates and a friend all the way from Prague. She picked out some highlights, pretty much most of the day!

Speaker Claire Belcher hopes that “if just one person in that audience, which included several school groups is able to say ‘wow I never knew that about wildfires’ and it sparks one persons interest and perhaps another via the internet then that’s how ideas start spreading.”

… speaker Patrick Alley summarises his talk, describing “How the logging industry tricked us into financing our own destruction”.

… and Chromatrope describe how they filmed the event and why they are on board for 2015!

Picture this

“Here comes @TEDxExeter”, a Vine behind the scenes from former speaker turned team member Andy Robertson.