One week on…

This morning I’m very excited because I’m going to see the videos for the first time. Andy has already been through the live edits. Now it’s our chance to make sure they are as good as they can possibly be.

I’ve been through the live blog and tried to get rid of some of the infelicities. Any typos, misrepresentations, etc etc are still all mine. The website links put it all in chronological order now, and I’ve added a couple of fun addenda to Ann’s and Joel’s posts.

Last night, I went to the opera (my life isn’t always this interesting) to see Bizet’s “Doctor Miracle”. Completely new to me. It struck me that Doctor Miracle would be a good name for a super hero. After hearing Allyson’s talk, goodness knows we need one to help save the NHS.

And finally, I’m sure you were wondering who moved all that cheese left over from lunch. Well, the lovely Sara had the brilliant idea of taking it to Gabriel House of the Shilhay community, who were over the (green cheese) moon.