Carmel McConnell biography

Carmel McConnell biography

Carmel’s background is a mixture of social activism and senior corporate roles. She has an MBA is in change leadership and technology, and has worked at senior levels in BT, UBS and 20th Century Fox, as well as working as growth and strategy adviser to many FTSE 100 companies.

Shocked by the numbers of children arriving at school too hungry to learn, she founded Magic Breakfast as the first stage in a global approach to give every hungry child a good breakfast as fuel for learning. The charity aims to be a catalyst, helping schools provide a healthy breakfast and parent support, as part of each school’s plan to improve child educational outcomes and health. Put simply, a hungry child cannot concentrate, and the most important lessons are taught in the morning. Magic Breakfast can provide porridge, bagels, healthy cereals and diluted fresh orange juice for just 22p per child per morning. So a Magic Breakfast is a very effective investment!

Carmel is delighted to work on the expert panel supporting the School Food Plan. She is a strong advocate for the Plan, believing it to be the best chance to improve school food for the future and, in the words of the authors “create a golden age of school food”.

Carmel was awarded the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award (New Statesman/Edge) in 2008. Magic Breakfast won the No 10 Big Society Award in 2010 and is currently the Pearson UK Employee Charity of the Year. In April 2014 Carmel was voted number 4 in the BBC Women’s Hour top 100 list of most influential “gamechangers”.

Carmel is on Twitter at @magiccarmel
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