Dancing not drowning in the rain

Dick Moore’s talk has been sent to all the staff at Headington School in Oxford, as part of a brief on the subject of mental health in young people.

Next year the school will be focusing on a theme of well being, for both staff and pupils. The deputy head is planning an INSET session on well being at the beginning of term, and Dick himself will be visiting to speak about emotional resilience at a second INSET session later in September. The session is usually for teaching staff, but all staff will be welcomed, especially those with children of their own. And Dick will also be doing a session for parents in the evening.

Dick’s ideas are so important, as young people are experiencing such anxiety and stress. We are very grateful that TEDxExeter is able to play a small part in spreading them further afield.



Videos of TEDxExeter 2015 talks go live!

“Brilliant”, “thought-provoking”, “a feast of learning”, “you can hear people thinking”. These are some of the comments that were flying around the Twittersphere during April’s conference. With a line-up that was arguably the best yet, the day was full of ideas worth sharing.

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, prepare to be moved, inspired, challenged and amused as talks from this year’s TEDxExeter conference go live online today for anyone to enjoy. If you were there on the day, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The talks are available alongside the TEDTalks we screened during the day on the website, and you can also view the Video playlist on Youtube.