Security for the future

Celia McKeon’s talk on “Reimagining security” has been featured on the Open Democracy website.

Does security mean defence: tanks and barbed-wire fences? Or can it mean building relationships, confronting inequalities and recognising each other’s humanity?

Celia and fellow TEDxExeter alumna Scilla Elworthy both signed the Ammerdown Invitation posted on Open Democracy in September 2014 –  “Security for the future: in search of a new vision”. Celia’s talk has subsequently been featured in the post.

A group of UK peacebuilding professionals invite participation in a new civic conversation about alternatives to the current approach to national security there. Here they outline their concerns about the existing model and offer a different vision for the future, welcoming input from anyone who wishes to engage in this debate.

Childhood and parenting in the digital age

At TEDxExeter 2014, Sonia Livingstone from the London School of Economics spoke about how children engage with the internet

Sonia’s talk is now featured in a free course from the Open University on Childhood in the Digital Age. The course discusses the potential benefits and limitations of technology in children’s lives and asks: Are social media changing the way that children form relationships? How is technology changing the way that children think, and how will it shape the classroom of the future? The course first ran in June, and is running again during August. It’s not too late to join, and there is another planned.

In May this year, the LSE launched a new blog on parenting and digital media. This gives parenting advocates, researchers and parents themselves easy access to the latest research on the subject, including the LSE’s own project on Parenting for a Digital Future.

The LSE has also launched a website on the back of explorations by EU Kids Online and UNICEF of whether and how children’s rights are being enhanced or undermined in the digital age. In February, they convened a meeting of international experts, and the resulting report “Researching Children’s Rights Globally in the Digital Age” addresses key concerns for youth users in the global North and global South as well as challenges facing research across cultures and countries. The website provides further material from the meeting, and links to many more relevant reports and initiatives.

Prime numbers hit a million

First, Harry Baker is at the Edinburgh Fringe with his Sunshine Kid show THIS WEEK, until Saturday 29th August.

And second, his performance at TEDxExeter 2014 “A love poem for lonely prime numbers” on has just hit a million views. How they translate his wonderful wordplay, I don’t know, but the transcript is now also available in 14 languages.

More statistics:

A big hand for Joel Gibbard!

Sorry for the bad pun, but we really want to celebrate the fact that Joel’s robotic hand for amputees has won the James Dyson Award.

Joel is the founder of the Open Hand Project, which makes robotic prosthetic hands more accessible to amputees, and its parent company Open Bionics, which 3D prints affordable superhero robotic hands.

He aims to start selling the prosthetics next year, intending to charge £2,000 for the device, including the cost of the fitting. This is roughly the same cost as the arms fitted with hooks currently on the market, whereas similar arms with controllable fingers are more like £20,000 to £60,000.

Furthermore, existing products take weeks or months to obtain. Joel can 3D-scan an amputee using a tablet equipped with a special sensor, 3D-print the parts in about 40 hours, and finally fit them together in a further two hours, giving them a custom-fitted socket and hand in less than two days.

We’ve got a bit of catching you up to do on Joel’s other news.

Back in May, he was at London’s 3D Print Show, as featured on the BBC News website. Watch the video from about 2:00.

And in October 2014, he was named British Young Design Engineer of the Year (pdf) at the British Engineering Excellence Awards. The Judges said: “A highly motivated, dedicated young engineer with multidisciplinary skills and an impressive record of achievement already.”

Many congratulations Joel!!