Childhood and parenting in the digital age

At TEDxExeter 2014, Sonia Livingstone from the London School of Economics spoke about how children engage with the internet

Sonia’s talk is now featured in a free course from the Open University on Childhood in the Digital Age. The course discusses the potential benefits and limitations of technology in children’s lives and asks: Are social media changing the way that children form relationships? How is technology changing the way that children think, and how will it shape the classroom of the future? The course first ran in June, and is running again during August. It’s not too late to join, and there is another planned.

In May this year, the LSE launched a new blog on parenting and digital media. This gives parenting advocates, researchers and parents themselves easy access to the latest research on the subject, including the LSE’s own project on Parenting for a Digital Future.

The LSE has also launched a website on the back of explorations by EU Kids Online and UNICEF of whether and how children’s rights are being enhanced or undermined in the digital age. In February, they convened a meeting of international experts, and the resulting report “Researching Children’s Rights Globally in the Digital Age” addresses key concerns for youth users in the global North and global South as well as challenges facing research across cultures and countries. The website provides further material from the meeting, and links to many more relevant reports and initiatives.