TEDxTotnes tomorrow!

TEDxExeter wishes TEDxTotnes all the best as they hold their first event tomorrow… and massive congratulations!!

The theme In our hands? looks thought-provoking:

TEDxTotnes will focus on our future, questions whether it is in our hands. Talks will focus on community and some of the hidden issues that lie within it. It will also celebrate ideas and question what we can do to better our future, or whether, ultimately we can!

It’s featuring some great speakers, including TEDxExeter alumni Rob Hopkins, Jackie Juno, Matt Harvey. No wonder it sold out so early 🙂

We noticed that the organiser asked on a TEDx organisers’ forum: Can anyone provide last minute tips before a first-time organizer’s event? We want to echo one of the responses: Take some time to enjoy the day as well. You worked hard for it!