Show the love to take action against climate change this week

Imagining the world anew
Danny Dorling

We’re in the middle of a Week of Action to celebrate the people, places and things we want to protect from climate change – and to make sure MPs feel that love.

There are all sorts of events going on around the country – we’ll be seeing nature walks, tea parties, classic lobbies, community energy visits and all sorts of other events to start those key conversations about climate change. All this will either involve MPs or be showcased to them, so that politicians see, feel and hear how much their constituents care about what we could lose to climate change.

People all over the UK are organising events in their local areas – find ones near you on this map. Do join in and #speakup. Also #showthelove.

Jonathan Porritt

And to get you in the mood, why not check out some of our TEDxExeter climate-related talks. Carbon reduction plans are often talked about just in terms of what we have to give up, but there are plenty of things that would be nicer, better, more fun even, in a low carbon world. To help us imagine it, Jonathan Porritt paints us a picture of what a sustainable life would look like.

If you’re talking climate, they don’t come more knowledgable than Peter Cox. Professor of climate system dynamics and leader of the inter-disciplinary “climate change and sustainable futures” activity at the University of Exeter, Peter Cox was also a lead-author on the  fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He asks us to think outside the low carbon box, and concentrate on reducing methane.

This year, Danny Dorling took a rather different approach: asking us to imagine the world anew. Did you know that population growth is slowing rapidly? Danny challenges us to examine some of our beliefs about the world and open our minds to a new, unreported reality. Using beautiful and unfamiliar maps drawn by his colleague Ben Hennig, he shows us how we are changing as a species. While so much of our media focuses on what’s wrong with the world, Danny shows us that there is much that is slowly getting better, much to be optimistic about, as long as we continue to connect with each other.