Giles Duley’s refugee portraits win International Photography Award

Syrian refugeeTEDxExeter speaker Giles Duley has won an International Photography Award with his portraits of Syrian refugees living in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. He was awarded first prize in the category people, portraits. Third in the same category was Bert Hartman, for his portraits of TED Fellows during the 2016 TED conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Giles spoke at this year’s TEDxExeter conference in April. In his talk, The Power of a Story he focuses his lens on the stories of some of the refugees fleeing conflict in Syria.

giles4Giles Duley is an award winning humanitarian photographer who, through his work with UNHCR, focuses his lens on their lives and tells their stories.

He is himself casualty of war who almost died and lost both legs and an arm in an improvised explosive device explosion in Afghanistan. His lasting wounds allow him to connect with the people he captures on film and to tell the stories of those without a voice.

In this powerful and moving call to action, Giles reminds us that we are at a defining moment and calls on us to do all we can to make a difference to the lives of refugees, now. Watch the video now.