TEDxExeter 2016 DandelionTEDxExeter 2016 – Dreams to Reality

Exeter’s leading ideas festival is back for the fifth year with an exceptional line up of speakers who are changing the world through their groundbreaking work and ideas. Their talks will inform, challenge, entertain and encourage the audience to connect with each other, reflect on the day and turn inspiration to action.

And because on 15 April 2016 we will be livestreaming in the Alumni Auditorium very near to the live event in Exeter Northcott Theatre, we will be offering twice as many tickets.

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Between them these four talks have been viewed more than 4 million times. All of them have been featured on the TED.com website, an honour that just 331 TEDx talks worldwide have achieved (out of more than 10,000 events). Click on a photo to view the talk on TED.com.

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Posts from our Storyteller providing information about upcoming events, news from past speakers and performers, reflections on the TEDxExeter themes, videos, photos, biographies, and stories about how TEDxExeter has made an impact. And there is lots more from our Social Media guru on the @TEDxExeter Twitter feed.

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Our fourth TEDxExeter conference took both the long view back into the past and the long view ahead into the future, and asked how they can reveal and help us to understand the challenges that face us now, and shape the way we live, make decisions, and innovate. TEDTalks video and live speakers combined to spark deep discussion and connection. Click on a photo to view the video, read the live blog of the event, and find out more about the speaker.

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The first TEDxExeter event was in 2012. Click on a photo to view the programme and talks from each event since then.