TEDxExeter 2014 – Ideas Without Frontiers

At TEDxExeter 2014 our speakers and performers connected us with other worlds. Our talks exposed corruption in big business, shared effective approaches to tackling social inequality and gave a voice to those whose human rights are under threat. We explored the impact of fast changing technologies on all our lives. We journeyed through fire and forest to frozen landscapes. We were challenged to consider worlds of extremes, cutting edge controversies and risky opportunities.

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As with our previous two conferences there was music, an excellent locally sourced lunch and wonderful opportunities in the breaks to meet and mix with fellow TEDxers and continue the conversation.

TEDxExeter 2013 – Living the Questions

On 12 April 2013, we gathered another group of outstanding innovators, activists and performers, to explore how to live the important questions facing us in all areas of life, including prosperity, sustainability, childhood and old age, community, society, science.

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TEDxExeter 2012 – Sustainability and Our Interconnected World

The first ever TEDxExeter featured 13 outstanding speakers including Satish Kumar, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and TED curator Chris Anderson, and riveting performances from Kagemusha Taiko drummers and the Grand Bard of Exeter Jackie Juno.

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  • Ideas Worth Spreading

  • Random Quote

    • "Young people need to be taught financial and enterprise skills, so they are able to deal with their personal finances effectively and do not become financially excluded."

      Lily Lapenna, MyBnk

    • "Volunteering is about a reciprocal relationship, that gives back to us at least as much as we give to those we support. It also connects us with our local community. Volunteering could change your life… for good."

      Alistair Macintosh, Exeter Community Initiatives

    • "What is enough? We can live in a way that maximises our life, not necessarily our income. The purpose of life is to help other people, people we know and people we have never met before and perhaps will never meet... to live a more generous life."

      Mike Dickson, Rainmaker Foundation

    • "Returning political, physical, mental or emotional violence with further violence very rarely works. Instead, the change has to talk place in our own hearts, where we have control, and in knowing our own weaknesses and strengths."

      Scilla Elworthy, Peace Direct

    • "What you put in your saucepan and where you take your shopping basket is important. Visit your local farmer, discover the joy of your children harvesting leeks, and the power of the puddle!"

      Kevin Cotter, Love Local Food

    • "There is a dangerous misconception that we have a choice between ecology and economic development. But 100% of our services comes from nature – soil, biodiversity, water, resources. Nature has intrinsic value and needs protecting for its own sake. For our own self-interest, we also need to embed nature in all economic activities."

      Tony Juniper, What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?

    • "It’s time to get away from entrenched positions in international negotiations on climate change, and think a bit laterally. If we control methane, we gain benefits for human and econsystem health, and we have a better chance of controlling overall greenhouse gas emissions."

      Peter Cox, University of Exeter

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