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Jackie Juno performance

Jackie Juno BW… is a locally-sourced, free-range, organic poet, so can be enjoyed guilt-free. She will start with nursery rhymes, and build to a crescendo of beautifully crafted brilliance.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill, because everywhere else was flooded.”

Shout out for the organisers – Jeanie, Claire and the rest of the team. Thanks!

“Teignmouth muse, incorporating personal, societal and environmental health” rhymes ‘arses’ with ‘catharsis’, name-checks Nietzsche and mentions the gap between rich and poor, and two seagulls sitting on the roof of a van.

“The 99%” is a new poem written for today, like the “Pirates” poem she wrote in the morning and performed over lunch. Aaaarrrrr! We’re all standing up for the world. “Here is a holy place to be … and the time is exactly now”, which is enough.

Cheers for her, as for Polly earlier.

Jackie Juno biography

Jackie Juno BWJackie Juno Bard of Exeter 2011-2012; stand-up poet, singer and artist. Jackie left the city and moved to Devon in 1982, gradually simplifying her way of life until she was living very simply off the land in a tipi for several years. This way of life became increasingly difficult with the implementation of the Criminal Justice Bill, forcing travellers back into housing or abroad. She has been campaigning for sustainable solutions for decades, and through her work she highlights environmental, political and social issues – in a most moving and entertaining way.

She now lives on the edge of Dartmoor with her rock-god guitarist husband and young daughter. Jackie is 48 and a quarter and is a firm believer in Death Before Diet.