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Alex Holmes biography

ALEX HOLMES - AN ANTI BULLYING AMBASSADORAlex Holmes is Head of the Anti-Bullying Campaign at The Diana Award. He received a Diana Award in 2004 for tackling bullying in his school and community, having been bullied himself.

Under his leadership the Anti-Bullying Campaign has trained more than 16,000 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in over 2,000 schools across the UK and Ireland since 2011. There are plans to expand the campaign into Europe.

Alex regularly works with bullied, bullies and bystanders to develop a whole school community holistic approach and works with a number of families to give bespoke support, intervention and advice. He is Vice-Chair of England’s National Anti-Bullying Alliance and a regular media commentator on bullying and has featured in a number of documentaries on teen issues.

Twitter: @abcholmes