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Rebecca Maze performance

Rebecca Maze 2013 portraitRebecca wrote two songs for today based on the theme of living the questions, with the help of ideas from the Twitter community. But she has changed her second song after listening to the other talks.

“What to do with all these many questions? All I wish for is happiness for me, for mine and all the rest. Dream deep, dream wide. You can take it somewhere new.”

She wrote her second song this week, about the pressing problem of rape.

“Ask your heart if it still beats in there, cos you can’t take mine. Rape is the weapon of war that continues. You lost your heart and you’re hollow inside. Enough is enough, no more.”

Really powerful. I’m looking forward to seeing the video and listening again.

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Rebecca Maze biography

Rebecca Maze wrote her first song up a tree in the rolling Kent countryside at the age of 16. A hundred songs later she moved to Devon to study Literature at Exeter University.

Through writing subversive songs-critiques on the violence and misogyny of video-game culture, Rebecca established herself as a singer/songwriter with imagination and intelligence.

With a song featured on Charlie Brooker’s BBC program Gameswipe and her albums reviewed in The Guardian and The Independent Rebecca has gained a large following.

Now she’s applied everything she learnt to writing songs that are truer to her heart. Inspired largely by literature and myth, many of the songs focus on the courage it takes to live out one’s potential. She also composed the soundtrack for the film-documentary In Transition 2.0.

Rebecca is currently recording her new material and performing across Europe as part of the IC Music Programme. She lives in Devon (UK).