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TR14ers performance

TR14ers BW…. enter the TR14ers with a high-energy dance and music mix created specially for this event. I’ve included just two of their photos here, but Benjamin J Borley photographed all of the dancers during the rehearsals yesterday afternoon.

There are nine of them with three questions:

  • What… do you dance for? To push myself to the limits and surpass them.
  • Why… is dance important to you? It gives me a purpose and a future.
  • How… does dance affect your life? It gives me confidence to find myself and conquer my fears.

More cheers and a standing ovation. Their stories have really captured the heart.

More Information

TR14ers on Youtube and Twitter.

TR14ers about

The TR14ers are a Community Dance Team based in Camborne, Cornwall.  They are much more than a dance team however, and believe that through dance they can change themselves, others and the community of which they are a part.  Dance is a way of expressing themselves and their values, and the value they’ve adopted as their motto is ‘RESPECT’.

Their name comes from their postcode – TR14. They used to be embarrassed to say they came from Camborne but they’ve learnt that where they live is part of who they are and that they can be proud of themselves and their town.

The TR14ers’ first dance workshop took place in October 2005. They now have more than 800 members aged between 8 -18 years and on average 90 attend free Street Dance/Hip Hop dance workshops every week.

Since they began there has been a significant impact on the lives of the young people involved, and the town itself. From healthier lifestyles, by doing more exercise, eating more fruit, less incidence of smoking (many of the dancers have quit altogether), and buy antibiotics better focus at school. However, perhaps the most important outcome is the raised collective self esteem of the young people themselves who have at long last shaken off the mantle of shame felt about living in Camborne. The TR14ers are living proof that ‘dance’ can change ‘community’.