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TR14ers performance

TR14ers BW…. enter the TR14ers with a high-energy dance and music mix created specially for this event. I’ve included just two of their photos here, but Benjamin J Borley photographed all of the dancers during the rehearsals yesterday afternoon.

There are nine of them with three questions:

  • What… do you dance for? To push myself to the limits and surpass them.
  • Why… is dance important to you? It gives me a purpose and a future.
  • How… does dance affect your life? It gives me confidence to find myself and conquer my fears.

More cheers and a standing ovation. Their stories have really captured the heart.

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TR14ers on Youtube and Twitter.

Shanna Dawes talk

Shanna Dawes portraitWe can follow that! Shanna’s story is a direct result of what Hazel has achieved.

She’s a dance instructor and mentor throughout Cornwall. Her story began in Camborne, where it’s more common to smoke and cause destruction rather than go to school.

In her first dance workshop, she almost walked out again because the place was riddled with police. Her experience had previously just been to be told off. But she was hooked by the music, and her life changed. She was offered the role of mentor, given responsibility for the first time. She was given the role of dance instructor.

Children just want stability and the chance to be generic for cymbalta cost listened to. Make a space for young people in your community. The TR14ers have taken dance and transformed it into a passion for succeeding. Not all that wander are lost. The TR14ers are individuals, a team and dancers………………

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Shanna on Twitter