TEDxExeter 2014 – Ideas Without Frontiers


At TEDxExeter 2014 our speakers and performers connected us with other worlds. Our talks exposed corruption in big business, shared effective approaches to tackling social inequality and gave a voice to those whose human rights are under threat. We explored the impact of fast changing technologies on all our lives. We journeyed through fire and forest to frozen landscapes. We were challenged to consider worlds of extremes, cutting edge controversies and risky opportunities.

As with our previous two conferences there was music, an excellent locally sourced lunch and wonderful opportunities in the breaks to meet and mix with speakers, performers and fellow TEDx-ers, and continue the conversation.

It was a day not to be missed!

Morning Session: Seeking hope

Welcome and Introduction to TEDx and TEDxExeter

Vinay Nair Dignity not dependence, choice not charity

Sarah El Ashmawy A love-hate relationship with revolution

TED Talk Pico Iyer Where is home?

Karima Bennoune Your fatwa does not apply here

Morning Session: Changing technologies

Sonia Livingstone How children engage with the internet

Simon Peyton Jones Teaching creative computer science

Harry Baker Grand Slam Poetry Champion

Matt Hayler Making IT Beautiful

TED Film Open Translation Project

Bandi Mbubi Congo calling back

Afternoon Session: Caring for health

Allyson Pollock Privatisation of the NHS

Joel Gibbard A helping hand with prosthetics

Exeter School Vocal Ensemble An acapella assortment

Fin Williams Two things we need to change the world for our children

Ben Eaton Bring the happy

Afternoon Session: Our precious planet

Ann Daniels Our corrosive oceans

Claire Belcher Earth, air, and fire

TED Talk George Monbiot For more wonder, rewild the world

Patrick Alley A perfect crime