Happiness – Teachers

Happiness – Teachers

Happiness for Teachers

HappinessWhat is happiness? Where and how is it to be found? What about life’s up and downs?


We’ll start by watching three talks. Then there are some suggested questions to help your discussions in class and around school.

We hope you’ll find the learning contained within these pods useful within the class setting, in conversations among colleagues, and ideally also beyond school engaging parents as well.


Watch the talks…

“The Conscience Industry”
Tom Crompton

“Dancing or drowning in the rain?”
Dick Moore

“Two things we need to change the world for our children”
Fin Williams


Think and discuss…

These are suggested questions about what you heard and saw in the three videos, to help your discussion in class.

  1. How do the talks complement each other? Can Fin William’s suggestion of writing and rewriting the stories we tell ourselves, and Tom Crompton’s suggestion of setting up programmes to develop empathy in schools, help with the pressures Dick Moore talks about?
  2. How does your school directly or indirectly promote ‘intrinsic’ or ‘extrinsic’ values? How could it promote ‘intrinsic’ values more and what effects might this have?
  3. How does your school shape students’ worldviews and society? Dick Moore says most of us have influence if only we choose to exercise it. How will you use your influence to prioritise emotional or mental health in young people?


Run a class activity…

“Bring the happy”
Ben Eaton

Ask the students to pick a moment of happiness and think about: what it was, where it happened, how happy were they on a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (happiest).

You may want to focus on moments that happened in the school grounds, or also at home and in the neighbourhood.

Map those moments, discuss the patterns and celebrate the stories.

How do they make the students feel and think about their school, home and neighbourhood?

How can you and the students encourage other people to celebrate their moments of happiness and the place where they live?