HappinessWhat is happiness? Where and how is it to be found? What about life’s up and downs?


Click on your age group below to watch a set of three TEDxExeter talks. There are also some suggested questions to encourage critical thinking and discussion in the group, and further questions for use in the wider learning community.


Featured talks

“The Conscience Industry”
given by Tom Crompton at TEDxExeter 2013
14:34 minutes
no transcript available

“The Power of a Smile”
given by Tobit Emmens at TEDxExeter 2013
2:47 minutes
no transcript available

“Bring the happy”
given by Ben Eaton at TEDxExeter 2014
9:55 minutes
no transcript available

“Two things we need to change the world for our children”
given by Fin Williams at TEDxExeter 2014
13:33 minutes
no transcript available

“Dancing or drowning in the rain?”
given by Dick Moore at TEDxExeter 2015
18:24 minutes
transcript available on YouTube