Privacy Policy

TEDxExeter takes your privacy seriously.

What information is collected

We do not actively track you as an individual.

Should you post a comment on the website, your details will be stored in our website database (as you would expect).

Should you register for our mailing list, your email address will be stored in our MailChimp account. This information is kept private.

How this information is used

Comment form: We will store the information we collect so that your comment can continue to be displayed on the website. Only your name will be displayed; your email address will be kept private and we will only use it to contact you if necessary.

Mailing list registration: We will store your information we collect so that we can send you emails to keep you updated on the campaign. You will be able to opt out of these at any time.

We do not share your personal information or email address with third parties.

Protection of your information

TEDxExeter uses best endeavour to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. We do not use encryption (such as SSL) or firewalls to further protect the information as it travels across the Internet. We do not believe that the personal information we collect warrants this level of security. It is important to be aware that there is no such thing as “perfect internet security”.


The website does use some cookies when you browse this website. These are used to ensure proper running of this website, and also to help us improve your experience when browsing. We do not use third party, tracking or advertising cookies. The cookies we use are listed in the table below.

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Changes to the Privacy Policy

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy in line with website changes that may affect the personal information we gather about you. It is assumed that you accept such changes if you continue to use the site and services. If you do not accept such changes then you should stop using the TEDxExeter website and services, and contact us if you would like any information removed.