Claire Kennedy: Licensee and Organiser

I started out as a refugee lawyer and met inspiring people whose stories offered powerful reminders of our interconnectedness. I’m curious about exploring sustainable living in its widest sense – as individuals, in our families and communities, globally – and the effects of our choices on others. I’m excited to be part of a team which will bring together interested local people and passionate experts to share their ideas, challenge our thinking and inspire connection, engagement and change. Email me…

Jeanie Honey: Co-licensee and Speaker team

I decided to organise the first TEDxExeter because I am a global soul and a big TED fan, and I love the idea of connecting with all those in this local community who are working with and living out world changing ideas. We have a dynamic TEDxExeter team who work incredibly hard to make the conference an unforgettable experience. My background is in social work and I am employed as a Practice Manager for an adoption agency, Families for Children.

Al Macintosh: Connections stand

Andy Robertson: Production

April Snow: Design

Ben Woodhouse: Press

Caroline Harlow: Sponsorship team

Over the past 7 years I have become passionate about sustainability, transition and resilience and have completely changed my thinking towards the planet and our place within it.  I have worked as a Brain Injury Case Manager and in recent years have also became an avid TED follower. To bring ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ to Exeter and to link with people who inspire and generate these ideas is an incredible experience. At previous TEDxExeter events, my role was management of the Great Hall venue.

Clare Bryden: Storyteller, Website

My interests are in how human beings affect and are affected by the natural world of which we are part, and the related theology and psychology of connectedness. My background is in science, consultancy and business analysis, especially in the environmental sphere. In 2010-11, I spent a year living alongside an Anglican Benedictine community, and blogged daily about things that interested me there. TED in general is one of those sources of things that interest me, so in 2012 and 2013 I have been the TEDxExeter storyteller, and I’m looking forward to how TEDxExeter 2014 unfolds. On Twitter I am @ClareBryden.

Clive Chilvers: Social media

For me TED & TEDx is a place where you can find a talk on pretty much any topic you are interested in. As a photographer and Photovoice practitioner, I am fascinated with the way photography has the ability to connect people to others, to illuminate the lives of the socially excluded and uncover stories that would remain unreported. TEDxExeter is a great opportunity for me as it has all the elements of demonstrating interconnectedness and provides me with the opportunity to use my skills and interest in social media. I am heading up the @TEDxExeter Twitter feed, Facebook & Google+ pages. On Twitter I am @Clive_Chilvers.

Diana Onu: Volunteer co-ordination

I am a social psychologist passionate about understanding how new ideas bring about social change and about the role and responsibility of academics to be engaged in this process. In addition to conducting research, I work with In-Mind Foundation, an international initiative aimed at communicating insights from social psychology beyond academia. I know that ideas really do change the world, and I am grateful be part of this process by supporting TEDxExeter. 

Dom Chapman: Production

My role is to assist within the production team: in essence to oversee the quality, integrity and visual acuity of the speakers’ slides… as well as being willing to offer other help where needed visually.

Helen Drever: Connections stand

Jackie Bagnall: Speaker team

Jackie Bagnall recently joined Sidcot School an Independent Quaker school as Director of Peace and Global Studies. A Social Psychologist at heart, she joined Sidcot from the University of Exeter where she was a Senior Lecturer in Leadership. Jackie is an ardent fan of and weaves the stimulating material in to her teaching, working with students to explore ideas that are worth sharing. Twitter @exeterlearning.

Jhenna Mortimer: Sponsorship team and Great Hall

Oriana Ascanio: Production

I run a small social enterprise which encourages different sectors of the community to engage through creative writing. Through my work with Resident Writers I have come to realise that there are many opportunities to create connections and invite change by empowering those who care to take action. I like TEDx because it is informative and engaging and can really enlighten and change the way people think about the things that matter to them. I feel very privileged to be part of a team that is passionate about our local and global community and hope to bring some exciting ideas and debate to Exeter.

Rupa Chilvers: Mailings

Sara Gibbs: Speaker team

Sara works as a Consultant in Public Health in Devon and is a Director of ‘Congo Calling’ a campaigning NGO launched on the back of Bandi Mbubi’s talk at TEDx Exeter 2012. She lives in Exeter with her partner and two young children.

Sara Traynor: Sponsorship team and Great Hall

Sarah Bird: Volunteer co-ordination

For me, TED creates a space for engaging with the things that connect us, big and small. I love the simplicity and power of the TED platform.  My career and passion is public health, but my background has included work in the voluntary and community sector, and an MA Classics in Ancient Food and Medicine.  My interests include food, health, wellbeing, faith, justice, community and environment.

Senara Shapland: Admin support