Living the questions

“Living the questions” is the TEDxExeter theme for 2013, and it has already struck a chord. In the best traditions of TEDx, it leaves room for many different perspectives. We aim to explore how to live the important questions facing us in areas including money, business, prosperity, sustainability, the environment, childhood and old age, community, society, science.

We’re already working to gather outstanding thinkers, innovators and performers who are changing the world through their ground breaking work and ideas. Now that we have agreed a date with the Northcott Theatre – 12 April 2013 – the next challenge is to have a good line-up to feature in their programme, which goes to press in October. I have to say that some very exciting names were being named at our planning meeting this week.

It’s been less than three months since TEDxExeter 2012. As we say on the home page, the day was packed full of inspirational ideas, hope for the future and challenges to actions which will lead to a more peaceful and sustainable world. Ideas, hope and actions.

“Living the questions” means more than just listening to and discussing ideas, however worth spreading. It means living them. So we are grateful to all of you who have followed up Bandi Mbubi’s talk on fairtrade mobile phones by signing petitions, or writing to manufacturers or MPs. And we are really happy to announce that the Congo Calling website is launched today, on Congo Day. The website has more information about how you can get involved and make a difference to thousands of people.

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  1. I love the theme of next years talks! As a TED fan, I feel it’s inexcusable that I’ve not made it to one in my hometown but I fully intend on being there next year! I must say that there is added interest from me as a business owner here in Exeter to here as to what ideas and thoughts exist around some of the topics you’ve mentioned above, in particular money, business and prosperity. I hope you manage to find a fantastic set of speakers – roll on TEDxExeter 2013!

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