Matt Harvey performance

Matt Harvey performance

Matt Harvey portraitThe poet and Wondermentalist Cabaret presenter all the way from Totnes (twinned with Narnia), for the first of two slots.

His first poem, living the questions: “If love can build a bridge, can affection put up a shelf?”


This is not his shortest poem, which is Botox: “Early onset taxidermy”. He hopes people weren’t offended by that poem, but if they were, how could we tell?

(More laughter)

The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign asked Matt to write a love poem to the potato, to the whole potato. We clapped his first effort, but the campaign didn’t. So he wrote effort number 2: “No spud is dud. If you get all sprouty, don’t go all throwy-outy!”

(Even more laughter)

Less is More: if we have less of something, we have more of something else. That’s physics – trust him. “Less haze, more stars; more community, less isolation; less passive listening, MORE PARTICIPATION!”

(Laughter and applause)

More Information

Here’s Matt Harvey’s website, Less is More, and a very pertinent poem on slugs.

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