Unveiling the new design for TEDxExeter 2015

Until now, the TEDxExeter design has been fairly low-key, and we’ve been doing the work within the team. But we’ve been thinking for a while about wanting a distinctive design for each year’s theme; the ‘D’ of ‘TED’ stands for Design, after all! And after TEDxExeter 2014, Dacors Design approached us about doing some pro bono work.

So today sees the unveiling of the all new design for TEDxExeter 2015 “Taking the Long View” on our website and social media platforms. We’re very grateful to Dacors, and hope you like the new look.

Dom Course from Dacors explains…

Whilst exploring ideas about time, perspective and views through binoculars or telescopes; we stumbled across a traditional kaleidoscope toy. And we couldn’t put it down.

The images are hypnotic and instantly reminded us of the sort of montage sequence used to represent time travel in vintage sci-fi films.

As you move a kaleidoscope you settle on the more pleasing patterns or mandalas. The images give the illusion of infinity and can evoke cellular growth, religious iconography or just make a pretty pattern.

A slight move can ruin it or make it better, but the change is throughout the image.

We feel the kaleidoscope images are suitably complex and abstract to illustrate the wide range of talks covered by a TEDxExeter event. They represent the idea of how a slight change here and now can make huge changes everywhere in the future; and how all things – especially people’s ideas, actions and subsequent outcomes – are interlinked.

Save the date!

TEDxExeter 2015 “Taking the Long View” will take place on 24th April 2015 at the Exeter Northcott Theatre.

Please don’t contact the team about tickets. At the time of writing, we expect them to be available from the Northcott Box Office from the end of November. More soon…


We would be interested in hearing from you if your company would like to sponsor TEDxExeter 2015.

Please email claire@tedxexeter.com if you would like to know more.