Twitter twadition

Thanks everyone for tweeting before, during and after the event. Here is my traditional round-up of Tweflections on the day.

It was really, really good…

@ExeterCX A big thank you to @TEDxExeter for putting on a great programme, entertaining and massively informative. Many moving & inspiring stories.

@CarinaRipley #TEDxExeter was really, really good

@jphedge Big thanks to @TEDxExeter team and speakers. One of those rare moments in life where the hype absolutely matches expectations.

@sethhonnor Thanks to @ClaireKennedy24 and all the @TEDxExeter volunteers for a brilliant day yesterday #IdeasWorthSpreading spinning around in my head.

@honeyscribe Had a day full to the brim with sparkling positivity @TEDxExeter huge thanks to @ClaireKennedy24 & the team for such an inspiring day.

@MrMattYoung Hey @TEDxExeter thank you. I laughed, I cried. I was inspired and I was annoyed. Awesome day #TEDxExeter #BeforeIDie

@Mr_John_Harvey_ .@TEDxExeter Thank you for an incredibly thought-provoking day… Brilliant – & often very moving – speakers… #TEDxExeter

@tricityvogue Feeling an emotional wreck after yesterday’s @TEDxExeter – so many brilliant ideas to absorb, so many powerful emotional journeys. Phew!

@thehallexeter We’re told everyday how greedy, violent and useless human beings are. @TEDxExeter reminds us how much humanity we really all do have.

@IAmEricMoeller Fantastic day at #TEDxExeter yesterday. Thank you to the great speakers and organising team.

@MURAND99 Wholeheartedly agree,  It was a thought provoking and well-organised day. Well done to all on the @TEDxExeter team.

@thehallexeter Congratulations to @ClaireKennedy24 and the entire @TEDxExeter team. Gets better every year. Videos of talks @ soon.

‏@vinesworks Inspiring, humbling, compassionate, thought provoking day @TEDxExeter.  thanks, what a great team ? @Devon_Hour

@chivpolis @TEDxExeter Thanks for a slick/professional and absorbing day. Very well done !

@Exeterlearning @SidcotSchool had a brilliant time @TEDxExeter

@MkMeghjee @TEDxExeter was so inspiring and thought provoking today. Totally worth missing a day of revision!

@Ju_Summerhayes Thank you @TEDxExeter for a wonderful day. Insightful, thought-provoking and great organisation. #tedxexeter

@danmcivor Great day @TEDxExeter Thanks to all who volunteered and organised it. Progressive veggie-only catering for 400 delegates too!

@sue_cade @TEDxExeter thank you for a stunning, thought-provoking programme and such brilliant speakers #greatday I’m so glad I came! #TEDxExeter

@WCKfood @TEDxExeter Thank you for a great day full of ideas. Excellent programme & v happy to round off with the amazing Harry Baker. #inspired

@Sarah_L_Vickery Thank you the amazing @TEDxExeter team,you provided a brilliant experience & I have again been inspired into action

@robjglover thank-you @TEDxExeter again for a brilliantly thought provoking day #tedxexeter now my brain is mush!

@benking01 Incredible day @TEDxExeter. Thank you to everyone involved. Imagine watching 20 @TEDTalks in a row. That! #TEDxExeter

@TEDxTotnes Wow! #TEDxExeter you can hear people thinking! Inspiring #TakingTheLongView

@WesNeary Having one of the most mentally stimulating work days in a long time watching #tedxexeter some difficult questions being addressed.

@Mr_John_Harvey_ Loving the #BeforeIDie boards at @TEDxExeter… #TEDxExeter #TEDx #Exeter

…because the speakers were really, really good…

@Mizz_Moneypenny Really enjoyed @TEDxExeter, so much to reflect upon from fab speakers. Harry Baker’s words sum it up “everyday(‘s) potentially adventurey”!

@sue_cade @kieronkirkland Enjoyed your two spots at @TEDxExeter on Friday, illuminating!

@Di_ITPR Fantastic day at @TEDxExeter yesterday – think my head and heart might explode! Stand-outs for me @ChetanBhatt1962 @MagicCarmel & DickMoore

@Ju_Summerhayes @TEDxExeter @ExeterNorthcott my favourite talk. She [Beth Barnes] was awesome. #TEDxExeter

@MartinKelman Peter Randall-Page’s paints hung either side of the @TEDxExeter stage. Taps into the beauty and complexity of life

@thehallexeter Thank you @harrybakerpoet for your @TEDxExeter performance. Born in London, educated in Bristol now owned by Exeter. You can never leave.

@MartinKelman @TEDxExeter after the first two sessions I told my wife that I was an emotional wreck, then Dick Moore started I was gone again More tissues

@lisychka @ChetanBhatt1962 I learned so much from you today. Thank you. #TEDxExeter

@MrMattYoung Hi @MagicCarmel I really enjoyed your talk today #TEDxExeter Your humour really struck a chord as does your purpose #inspired

@benking01 .@harrybakerpoet Really enjoyed your #westonsupernightmare performance at the end of #TEDxExeter today. Best wishes for the marathon!

@MrMattYoung Hi @MagicCarmel I really enjoyed your talk today #TEDxExeter Your humour really struck a chord as does your purpose #inspired

@ShinyShoeClaire Thanks @TEDxExeter for a great day. Brilliant talks by @MagicCarmel @CliveSSmith @GraeaeJennyS @harrybakerpoet @shellkryan #TEDxExeter #ff

@benking01 One speaker @TEDxExeter DID reference #TakingTheREALLYLongView! Peter Randall-Page – ‘Theme & Variation in #Nature and Culture’ #TEDxExeter

@ShinyShoeClaire Quote of the day & made me grin: imagine the fun you’re having. And then add the feeling of fleece. #TEDxExeter @harrybakerpoet

@pforphyllis Smiling and laughing the whole way throughout Harry Baker’s slam poetry. Such a talented and funny guy! Perfect end to #TEDxExeter

@paultrueman74 Astonishing performance by @sarakhyde. Powerful theatre, hardcore data crunching and a powerful vision. Make her PM. #tedxexeter

…and the speakers enjoyed it too…

@kieronkirkland Massive thanks to the @TEDxExeter team and especially @ClaireKennedy24 for inviting me to speak at such an amazing event! #TEDxExeter

@MagicCarmel @MrMattYoung Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Felt honoured to get to talk about @magic_breakfast as part of today’s fab line up. @TEDxExeter

@harrybakerpoet Inspiring day of talks at @TEDxExeter – if anybody would like to sponsor the marathon effort my page is  #2DaysToGo

@isenseIRC Heading home after an inspiring day of talks to take action against the most pressing global problems #TedxExeter #takingthelongview

@sarakhyde Reapplying eye makeup after talk on 500,000 children who start the day hungry from @MagicCarmel. @RichardWatts01 – one for you? #TEDxExeter

…as did the sponsors…

@AnTech_Ltd We were so proud to sponsor @TEDxExeter! What a wonderful, thought provoking day, enjoyed by all! #TakingTheLongView

@WilkinsonGrant “@TEDxExeter: A HUGE thank you to the #TEDxExeter 2015 sponsors @WilkinsonGrant @StephensScown  @kidhelios & @StormpressExe ” A privilege

@ExeterCollege Pleasure! @TEDxExeter: A HUGE thank you to the #TEDxExeter sponsors @DPT_NHS @ExeterNorthcott @SunGiftSolar @dacors & @ExeterCollege

@WebsitesAhoy .@TEDxExeter Thank you to you too! A great day. @EgremontGroup @SouthernhayHome @AnTech_Ltd @jtmillarphoto

@jtmillarphoto A great day, many thanks to you too @TEDxExeter @EgremontGroup @SouthernhayHome @WebsitesAhoy @AnTech_Ltd @tricityvogue

@SouthernhayHome @TEDxExeter @EgremontGroup @WebsitesAhoy @AnTech_Ltd @jtmillarphoto It was real #fun, let’s do it #alloveragain! #2016 #keepintouch

@StephensScown @TEDxExeter truly inspirational stories.  We might need to grab some tissues before the next session starts #TEDxExeter

…not to mention the team, the volunteers and the tech guys

@DYGolden Brilliant, insightful day yesterday filming at @tedxexeter maculacollective

@Tom_Coleman_ Pete doing his thing at @TEDxExeter yesterday. Great day with the @MaculaC team. #vasw 

@pforphyllis Got to know the core team & the volunteers of #TEDxExeter a bit better at the after-party. Glad to have worked with a group of inspiring ppl

@EdBird_EN @TEDxExeter What an awesome day, such a pleasure working alongside you all – especially this one… @sarahbird86 😉

@tricityvogue Massively inspired by @TEDxExeter today and hugely proud of the brilliant photography by @jtmillarphoto

@Exeterlearning @TEDxExeter loved every minute of it. Thank you for letting me play xx

@dr_hobson I had a fab time today volunteering. Looking forward to next year @TEDxExeter 

@tobit_e Another great #TEDxExeter, a real privilege to be part of, and to livesteam was awesome, albeit (speaking as a cameraman) slightly stressful

@MaculaC Successful day filming for @TEDxExeter today! Thanks for letting us work with you, we all really enjoyed it!

@Slanketlover I have just had the privilege to be part of something really special. An amazing day. #TEDxExeter

@firstsightmedia Some really interesting stuff going on at @TEDxExeter today! Check out our live stream via . #TEDxExeter