Visualising the UN Ozone Celebrations

Visualising the UN Ozone Celebrations

TEDxExeter 2012 alumnus Antony Turner continues to be at the forefront of communicating environmental issues through his work with Carbon Visuals. Now they are turning their attention to ozone as well as carbon dioxide.

Today, 16th September, is International Ozone Day. Thirty years ago the first images of the ozone hole created a media storm, and helped convert the framework Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer into concrete targets in the Montreal Protocol. UNEP asked Carbon Visuals to create a digital campaign to communicate and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Vienna Convention.

Carbon Visuals described their approach: “Our view was that few people have an intuitive sense of what the ozone hole is like, where it is, how much ozone there is, or how deep the atmosphere is. So we have created a selection of visual images, animations and web-tools that help everyone from policymakers to children better understand these things.”

Find out more, play with, and watch their productions: UN ozone celebrations, Ozone interactives and The Ozone Song.

[Update/PS: The TEDxExeter Storyteller has written in the Church Times about the Vienna Convention as a model for climate negotiations.]