Organising Team

TEDxExeter is run by a small team of volunteers, all passionate about the power of ideas.

Claire Kennedy: Licensee and Organiser

ClaireKennedyAfter an undergraduate law degree and student activism, I spent time as a UK delegate at the European Youth Parliament, an experience which crystallised my commitment to social justice. Following an LLM in Law at the London School of Economics, I worked as a refugee lawyer, leading a specialist team which represented survivors of torture and unaccompanied refugee children who were claiming asylum in the UK. I was part of the team which founded the specialist Refugee Legal Centre, and a trustee of a therapy centre for refugees.

Through that work I met inspiring people whose stories offered powerful reminders of our interconnectedness. Stories and interconnection are key still.

For the past five years, I’ve worked with the wonderful TEDxExeter team to grow TEDx here from the germ of an idea to a flourishing reality. With Bandi Mbubi, a former refugee client, I co-founded Congo Calling, a campaign for the development of fairtrade technology which uses ethically-sourced, conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I’m curious about exploring sustainable living in its widest sense – as individuals, in our families and communities, globally – and the effects of our choices on others. I’m excited to be part of the TEDxExeter team, offering passionate experts a platform to share their ideas and bringing them together with interested local people to challenge our thinking and inspire connection, engagement and change.

… and the rest of the team


Here are some of the reasons they are involved:

“As an enthusiastic member of the audience at the first two TEDxExeter events, I loved the opportunity to listen and learn from a wide range of great thinkers – and to share the experience with others. I recently joined the TEDxExeter team to help communicate the magic.”

“TEDxExeter is a great opportunity for me as it has all the elements of demonstrating interconnectedness and provides me with the opportunity to use my skills and interests.”

“For me, TEDx is about discovering a myriad of ideas and thoughts that can put a spin on my everyday life.”

“I like TEDx because it is informative and engaging and can really enlighten and change the way people think about the things that matter to them. I feel very privileged to be part of a team that is passionate about our local and global community and hope to bring some exciting ideas and debate to Exeter.”

“For me, TED creates a space for engaging with the things that connect us, big and small. I love the simplicity and power of the TED platform.”