NatureWhat is the value of nature? How do we relate to nature? How could or should we relate?


Click on your age group below to watch a set of three TEDxExeter talks. There are also some suggested questions to encourage critical thinking and discussion in the group, and further questions for use in the wider learning community.


Featured talks

“Soil, Soul and Society”
given by Satish Kumar at TEDxExeter 2012
17:48 minutes
no transcript available

“What has Nature ever done for us?”
given by Tony Juniper at TEDxExeter 2012
18:20 minutes
no transcript available

“Ecocide: the 5th Crime Against Peace”
given by Polly Higgins at TEDxExeter 2012
19:03 minutes
no transcript available

“Designing Our Way out of Plastic Seas”
given by Jo Royle at TEDxExeter 2013
11:51 minutes
no transcript available

“Theme and variation in nature and culture”
given by Peter Randall-Page at TEDxExeter 2015
15:52 minutes
transcript available on YouTube