TEDxExeter 2017


TEDxExeter: HOPE

8.30am – 5.15pm, Friday 21 April 2017

A day of inspiring talks, connection and action

“Critical thinking without hope is cynicism, but hope without critical thinking is naïveté.” — Maria Popova

TEDxExeter is back for a 6th year. We’re bringing another exceptional group of speakers and performers to Exeter to share their work, vision and hope with us. We’ll gather over 900 people on the day to share inspiration and explore ways of turning hope into action and making a positive difference in our lives, our communities and ultimately our world.

Live at the Exeter Northcott Theatre
Simultaneous Livestream at Exeter University’s Alumni Auditorium

Both audiences joined together in the breaks to meet each other, our speakers, sponsors, and groups making a difference locally. Lunch and refreshments were included in the ticket price.

“Optimists think it will all be fine without our involvement; pessimists take the opposite position; both excuse themselves from acting. Hope is an embrace of the unknown and the unknowable, an alternative to the certainty of both optimists and pessimists. It’s the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things you can know beforehand.” — Rebecca Solnit

Thank you to all those who joined us – dreamers, thinkers, makers and doers – and were part of something special.

The videos of the talks and performances are now available; click on the photo.

Morning Session

Madhumita Murgia How data brokers sold my identity

Virginie Helias Hope in a (Plastic) Bottle: from beach to bathroom

Howard Johns Your invitation to the community energy revolution

Morning Session

Christina Lamb Finding hope in dark places: women in war

Nujeen Mastafa I Am Not a Number: A Refugee’s Tale

Kagemusha Taiko Drumming Performance

Andrew Solomon How open borders make us feel safe

Afternoon Session

Gill Hayes Depression, Suicide and the Power of Hope

Gulalai Ismail Be a (non-violent) hero, not a martyr

James Craig Brexit: How can we move forward together?

Street Factory Helping young people find their genius

Afternoon Session

Vik Mohan How listening to communities can help save our oceans

Rob Wilson Ending food waste one beer at a time

Matt Harvey I want to go renewable so my streets are less canoeable: Five poems of hope

Kester Brewin Countering political turmoil with a real summer of love