TEDxExeter 2018 talks released online

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TEDxExeter 2018 – Connect – was a day of inspiring talks, connection and action! Watch and share the videos as they are released online.

First set of releases
Anthony Painter: Want a less polarised society? Try a universal basic income
Vicki Culpin: A wake up call: this talk should send you to sleep!
Coilin Nunan: Change farming and save our antibiotics
Amy & Ella Meek: Kids against plastic
JJ Bola: Reaching for a place to call home
Farrah Storr: The discomfort zone
Tom Chapman: Barbers, preventing suicide one hair cut at a time

More releases online
Patrick Grant: Why we should all feel uncomfortable in our clothes 
Dexter Dias: Why, in a world of injustice and vanishing human rights, I choose to hope
Dawn Faizey Webster: Fighting back one blink at a time: living with Locked-In Syndrome
Kate Garbers: Modern slavery, hidden in plain sight
Rebekah Afari: I’m deaf, but we can still talk
Sophie Scott: Why we should take laughter more seriously

Final releases
Bonya Ahmed: Simple narratives can be deadly: how I recovered from a terror attack
Alan Crickmore: How storytelling from behind bars heals families 

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A couple to watch and share

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